Gedasine CAM Cleaner for light vehicles Liquid Dark green  
Gedasine CAM TRUCK Cleaner for heavy vehicles and construction machinery Liquid Pale yellow  
Brilloto Car shampoo Liquid Pale yellow  
Shampoo waxing Waxing car shampoo Liquid Opaque white  
Powder Car Wash Powder cleaning agent for car wash station Powder White  
Gedawash F7 Powder cleaning agent for car wash station Liquid Pale yellow  
Gedasol HS5 Renovator for all types of plastics Liquid Pale yellow  
Gedasine HP Cleaning agent for high pressure cleaner Liquid Pale yellow  
Gedamotor HM5 Degreaser solvent for mechanical parts Liquid Dark green  
Gedavitre PV3 Anti-fog window cleaner Liquid Light blue  
Fuel additive 5000 Addifitif for road and domestic fuel Liquid Light brown  
Windscreen cleaner winter Windscreen cleaner winter (-25°c) Liquid Light blue  
Brake cleaner Degreasing-cleaning brake fluid - fast evaporation without traces Liquid Clear  
Gedamouche Anti-bug windscreen cleaner Liquid Dark green  
Gedagel A Workshop hand soap Liquid Bright red  
Brilloto G2 Detarring solvent for bitumen and grease Liquid Pale yellow