Creative and efficient design process

We operate in two ways:

  • You either ask us to manufacture a product according to your own formulae - this is custom manufacturing
  • Or else you ask us to develop a formula and to create the products you require.

Custom manufacturing

We make "customised products" for customers who do not have the facilities to produce such products themselves or for those who want to subcontract the work. To do this, we draw up design specifications that are as complete as possible in consultation with the customer.

We take on all types of design for custom manufacture. We either handle everything using our own raw materials, packaging and labels. Or the customer supplies some of the materials, packaging and labels.

A Research & Development department at the cutting edge of innovation

There are several ways of developing a formula for a customer:

  • By producing the equivalent of a product used by the customer. To do this, we perform a complete analysis of the product and reconstitute it using our raw materials. The equivalent has the same physical and chemical properties as the base product, but it is nevertheless not a copy in the strict sense of the term.
  • By creating an original product, formulated for a specific purpose. This product, created jointly with the customer, may later be covered by an exclusive contract and a confidentiality agreement.
  • By creating concentrated premixes for the customer to manufacture the finished products.

All our formulae are developed and validated via scientific trials. They are innovative, effective, environmentally friendly and safe for users.

Before being proposed, all our products undergo efficacy trials under real conditions of use.

A few examples:

  • Additives for fire-resistant panels
  • Cleaning product for white roofing
  • Degreasing agent (surfactant) for the printing of security documents.
  • Non-foaming cleaning products for scrubber-driers